Guide to Federal Repair & Renovation Programs

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Guide to Federal Repair & Renovation Programs

Many people in the USA with disabilities find that they need repairs and renovations carried out to their property to make it more comfortable and practical to live in. People with physical impairments often need work to be carried out to improve accessibility to certain parts of their home, especially if it is a multi-storey house. Widening doorways to provide access to a wheelchair may be required, not to mention renovations to turn a standard bathroom into an accessible wet room. However, these renovations and repairs cost money, and many people with a disability find that they lack sufficient funds to pay for such an expensive home overhaul.

Luckily, there are a number of Federal programs available which sponsor funding and grants to pay for repair and renovation projects on properties which are owned by people with disabilities. These grants can be used for paying administrative and labor costs as well as to purchase equipment such as a table saw, a cordless drill, or even a detector for finding studs in walls.

Disabled people who are worried about repaying loans need not be concerned about these Federal programs since the grants that they sponsor don’t need to be repaid by the recipient. Although it’s important to be aware that some of the available grant programs may seek to recoup their funds if the recipient doesn’t meet any obligations which are included in their grant agreement.

The Specially Adapted Housing Grant Program

One program which disabled veterans can benefit from is the Specially Adapted Housing Grant Program. This allows eligible veterans to apply for a grant which can then be used to pay for repairs and renovations to their property which will be funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are three grants provided through this program – the SAH (Specially Adapted Housing) grant, the SHA (Special Home Adaptation) grant and the HISA (Home Improvements and Special Alterations) grant. The first two of these are in the sums of a maximum of respectively $50,000 and $10,000 and can only be obtained by a veteran who has disabilities relating to their time in service. The HISA grant can be obtained by both veterans with non-service related and service related disabilities, although the amounts vary. Non-service related disabilities attract a grant of up to $1200, whereas service-related disabilities attract a larger grant of up to $4100.

The Very Low Income Housing Repair Program

Any homeowner who is aged 62 or over and who requires home repairs may be able to apply for a grant through the Very Low Income Housing Repair Program. This is applicable to disabled older people who live in rural areas. This program is sponsored by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and is designed to remove safety and health hazards from properties as well as financing vital projects for home renovation. Anyone receiving this grant is prohibited from selling their property for a period of 3 years, or else the funds will need to be paid back. The total amount available for this grant program is $7500.

Supportive Housing For The Elderly Program

The HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) is responsible for sponsoring the Supportive Housing for the Elderly program. This supplies grants which can be used to increase the amount of suitable housing units that have included supportive services to help elderly people on low incomes. Many disabled people in the USA fall into this category. The grants supplied by this program can be used for acquiring real estate, demolishing any uninhabitable residential building and for constructing or rehabilitating a new or existing structure. The funds will also cover any difference between the operating cost for each unit and any income received from its tenants.

Improving Properties At An Affordable Cost

As a disabled person, it can be difficult to pay for any essential renovations or repairs to your home, however the government has certain initiatives in place to support your needs and to make it easier to get the help you need to improve your living conditions. Check out the grant programs mentioned here to find out if you are eligible to receive funding for your renovation or repair project. You could soon be on your way to greatly improved housing and a better standing of living.

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