The Fit Policeman’s Complete Nutritional Guide

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The Fit Policeman’s Complete Nutritional Guide

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it can set you up for a productive day or one that is slow and lethargic.

When it comes to feeding firefighters breakfast, the meal on offer has to be loaded with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to promote both their cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

Policemen (and other similar law enforcement agents or emergency services workers – we can’t stress that enough) are a perfect mishmash of courageousness and compassion so they must be fed well for the jobs they execute.

As first responders, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding shift changes and schedules, but you can rely on the fact that law enforcment and emergency services workers are always hungry. Although there is always a designated cook on duty in a firehouse or in camp, law enforcers and first responders are limited to what they can eat, partly because of their busy schedule as well as the performance required of them.

Before starting your day and settling on a breakfast menu, you must be cognizant of the food you serve as some foods can affect their performance. The menu you select may not be elaborate, but it must be sufficient. This means including a healthy serving of protein and fiber, which will ensure that the firemen stay full until the next meal.

The perfect breakfast for these brave men and women should therefore include:

1. Protein

Protein is required for any type of intensive activity, and large amounts of it are necessary to work under adverse conditions such as fires. Examples of proteins that can be incorporated into a fireman’s breakfast include whole eggs (and not just egg whites) and lean pieces of meat from turkey or chicken. Introducing fatty fish such as anchovies also helps to improve moods especially during or after long shifts.

2. Vegetables

Vegetables are full of essential vitamins, fibers, and minerals and are necessary if not critical to a fire fighter’s diet. Introducing vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, and cabbage to the breakfast menu will leave the fighters feeling full for long periods.

3. Fruits

Fruits such as avocados help to burn fat while berries contribute by keeping one’s memory active. Other fruits such as oranges are jam packed with vitamin C that assists in fighting diseases, allowing the firefighters to perform well.

4. Whole grains

Whole cereals and whole grain products such as whole grain bread and crackers are the best source of energy.

5. Beverages

Incorporate beverages such as green tea to lower the firefighter’s level of stress, especially after a long day. Other liquids to include are water, and drinks that are low in sugar content. Juicing is also a great addition as opposed to the soda pop and other sweet drinks we tend to prefer to enjoy.

Since it takes some time to get to the next meal of the day, make sure that the portions served are sufficient enough to sustain the brave men and women of the fire or police department.

These menu items will guarantee a fitter, stronger workforce regardless of what profession they are in – whether they are law enforcement agents, firefighters, medics, or EMTs. They deserve no less than the best nutrition their managers can possibly afford.

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